Babyshower Gift List

First – Congratulations may be in order!  If you’re checking out our baby shower gift list arrangements then you may well have a little one on the way yourself?  Exciting times, and we wish you all of the best with your pregnancy,  birth and baby 🙂

We offer a really simple wish list creator – you just find the items you like, and click.  Each item has an “add to list” button or link, and when you click it the items is added to your wishlist.  Could not be easier!

When you’re ready, you click the wishlist menu, and then share by email.  Your unique link is created, and anyone clicking on it will be taken to your list.  They have the option to add item(s) to their cart.  As part of the checkout process they can choose the delivery address (they might decide to send to you direct: perhaps they cannot make the baby shower itself in person).

As each item is added to someone’s basket, it’s removed from the wishlist so you won’t get duplicates.

Here’s a short video showing you how to create and share your baby shower list here on the ShweshweBaby website.    If you need any help at all – use the chat tab or send us an email


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