Welcome to ShweshweBaby!

Tessa & Alex run Shweshwe Baby from Cape Town. We moved here in 2008 from London. We decided to combine baby accessories that we found useful with Shweshwe material, creating beautifully functional items.

All our products are 100% cotton and are hand made by seamstresses working in the Cape Town area.

Shweshwe fabric was brought to South Africa by missionaries from Germany in the 1840s – they presented their gifts to King Moshweshwe of Lesotho… and legend has it that’s how it got the name. Others say it represents the swishing noise the fabric makes when it’s worn.

In the 19th century, Shweshwe was only available in indigo – but today, while the underlying themes remain, the variety of colours and patterns is amazing!

Please visit the store┬áto see our sunhats, bibs, onesies, feeding aprons, and more …. but if you have a moment, scroll down to meet the team…

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